A gift I wish for everyone


The thought came to me as I lunged forward to press the elevator button just as the doors were closing. It worked. I apologized to the one person inside for breaking his journey to the ground floor. Cheerfully, he replied, “No problem. It’s only half today. It feels good to go to work when you’re all done at lunchtime.” It’s 3 days before Christmas so businesses are winding down.

Harmless banter, to be sure. But a statement about this person’s life? To be very sure. He’s like millions of others I suspect, who work to earn to live, but find only mediocre emotional and spiritual reward from the tasks. That’s pretty sad IMO.

Curiously, in the same elevator a few Saturday’s earlier, I was riding down at 7:00 AM with a young woman. “Off out?” I asked.

“Work,” she said.

“Like your job?” I inquired. (It was Saturday, quite early remember.)

“I love my job,” she replied with a small smile.

So it’s not the elevator that causes the grief. Currently I am lucky as heck. I love my work too. It’s a creative activity; visual design. I happily work all hours.

So what better gift can one wish for anyone, besides good health, is that good, rewarding and fulfilling feelings are coming your way each day from your work activity. And that you are surrounded by people who are positive about the activity too.






London : Re-Visited Re-Imagined


With age come the opportunity to experience change. Change in one’s own thinking, and change in the architectural and more profoundly, the social environment. This blog is a journal to record the cascade of thoughts, mostly creative, about the places I re-visit, sometimes after many years.

Keith Howard